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Retire in Place” – New Dan Dolan Town Homes coming to Clinton

Posted by Kevin Dolan on February 17, 2017
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New Dan Dolan Town Homes coming to Clinton. Will allow more local seniors to “retire in place” starting this month.

The excitement has been in the air for months, ever since Dan Dolan Homes announced the coming to Clinton of the highly regarded town homes and single family residences that have been so well received in Davenport, Blue Grass, LeClaire and other eastern Iowa communities. And now, with all the t’s crossed and all the i’s dotted, construction can begin. In March, In Clinton, Adjacent to Emma Young Park. And families can begin moving in this summer.

We at Dan Dolan Homes are proud and enthused to be part of the exciting growth blossoming in Clinton that’s been stimulated by the major commercial and industrial capital investments being made here. And we are delighted to fill that important desire for local seniors to “retire in place.”

Empty nesters will now have more local options

Historically, many local seniors and “empty nesters” wanting to sell off their bigger homes or farms in the area and wanting to move to smaller more manageable homes here couldn’t find what they wanted. Many felt that they had to move elsewhere. Some looked to the Quad Cities. Some went even further south to enjoy their “golden years.” Regrettably, for others the only viable options included assisted living or nursing facilities because fashionable handicap accessible homes with wider doorways, no-step entry, step-in showers, higher toilets, lever door handles, etc. were simply not available in this market. No more. We now offer empty nesters in Clinton all those options and more to let them age in place in comfortable, efficient, accessible and affordable homes. The same kinds of homes so many of their peers in other eastern Iowa communities have come to enjoy.

No more need to break family ties and local relationships

Most seniors in the area have ties to family and friends and many have a favorite church or doctor (or hairdresser) here that they don’t want to give up. Having to relocate elsewhere makes those relationships difficult or impossible to maintain. And starting new relationships elsewhere can be difficult for many. Of course, some do find the transition to a new town or even to the Sun Belt a refreshing experience and elect to remain there. But that should be an option and not a necessity because the desired options are not available back home. But according to national research, fewer retirees now want to move away and many who do it, return “home” after a year or two.

Even retirees thinking of relocating south are re-thinking that option. Recent storms in Florida convinced many that life in the Sun Belt could be too challenging. Would the next hurricane be “it” many wondered? The thought of going through a storm and rebuilding afterward was more than some seniors cared to deal with.

Dramatic increases in homeowner’s insurance and rising land and building costs in many parts of Florida likewise discouraged many retirees thinking of relocation south. A recent buyer of a Dan Dolan town home in Davenport was amazed at the town home she could buy here for $190,000 compared to the smaller home with no basement that would cost her more than that in Florida. And she would miss her friends and relatives while having to rebuild new relationships in her Florida location. “How could I possibly replace my doctor of over 20 years,” she asked me? She decided to “retire in place” in a Dan Dolan town home in her old hometown—a decision she has never regretted.

“Everybody is old in Sun City, Arizona”

Another couple that bought a Dolan town home in the Quad Cities cited a somewhat different complaint. “Everybody is old in Sun City (Arizona) the wife said.” She went on to add that she preferred a community where there were younger people, growing children and a wider range of events. She added that after a while, bingo, shuffleboard and the early bird specials at The Senior Coral Restaurant (in Arizona) wear a little thin. By contrast, she added that the programs at local Iowa colleges and theatres offered a range of more stimulating options. And she could attend the events with lifelong friends.

Preferred sites will go fast

Now is the time to pick out your preferred home site at the new Dan Dolan homes at Mill Creek Crossing. Construction will begin in March with occupancy beginning in August. Each home will feature all the amenities plus a wide range of options to allow empty nesters to “age in place” in comfort, style and safety. All our town homes are handicap accessible with stepless entry, main floor laundry, full basements, vaulted ceilings and along with many other features, the exclusive insulated concrete Dan Dolan Silent Wall™ between homes.

Until our first home is completed in Clinton, you can visit our furnished model at 814 Hartz Ct. in LeClaire. We are open weekends there and by appointment for your convenience. Call me at 563-570-1460 or at our sales center at 563-381-4088 from 8 AM to 5 PM weekdays. Our choice home sites will sell out quickly so visit with us soon to get your preferred location.

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